We all love lash extensions because they look fab, and they save us so much time in the morning. The only down side of lash extensions is the upkeep, as they’re not always easy to clean, especially if you’ve been wearing makeup. It’s a well-known industry no-no to use mascara on top of lash extensions, and you can watch this video to find out why.

But you do you, babe! If you still want to wear eye makeup, it’s extra important to make sure you remove it properly, using an oil-free makeup remover and avoiding cotton pads, as they can get stuck and pull out the lashes. But whether it’s makeup or no makeup for you, CLEANSE. THOSE. BABIES… EVERYDAY!! Not only does it improve lash retention, but it keeps them looking fresh and fluffy for longer. Our Eyelash Bubble Bath Cleanser is super gentle, and perfect for daily use.

Step 1: remove any makeup carefully with an oil-free cleanser.

Step 2: take a couple of pumps of our Eyelash Bubble Bath Cleanser, and using your lash cleansing brush or just with your fingers, get right into the lash line and gently work the product in.

Step 3: rinse with cool water, pat dry gently with a towel.

So there you have it! Beautiful, fluffy, clean lashes, every day that will look great for longer.