C curl: The most versatile curl as it is the closest to the natural lash shape and will suit most eye shapes. It is perfect to give a lift to the clients eye whilst keeping the natural look, best for clients with downwards or heavy eyes and straighter lashes.

CC curl: This curl is very similar to C but slightly curlier. It can be used on both straight or curly lashes. It’s also the best way to add volume to natural lashes that are curled on their own.

D curl: This curl gives a rounded curl effect and curlier than the CC curl. It is best for doll eyes on naturally straight lashes. It is great for widening and enhancing the eye shape, especially on smaller eyes.

DD curl: The curliest lash, perfect for a more dramatic look such as volume or mega volume. The best lashes to transform downward facing lashes into doll eye lashes.

We would definitely recommend having a variety of curls in your lash kit, suitable for different eye shapes, lash shapes and lash styles. Knowing which curl is best for your client takes time and practise. If you need any advice don’t hesitate to contact us and our expert lash tech will get back to you.