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How To Speed Up Your Lash Appointment Times

How To Speed Up Your Lash Appointment Times

Everyone would love to offer quicker lash appointment times, the quicker you get clients in and out the more clients you can book in that day, meaning more income for you!

Here are some of our top tips to speed up your lashing times:

1. Preparation is key

Make sure you have all the equipment you are going to use out and ready, presensitise the area and all your equipment, have your music on ready and the bed ready for the client to lie on. Have some water ready and everything you would need throughout the appointment in an arms reach. This will save you so much time during your appointment rather than having to look for things whilst you could be lashing your client.

2. Talking

Not only does participating in a conversation with your client use up time it can cause you to be distracted and not fully concentrating on your lash sets, causing them to not be the best they can. Clients talking can also cause them to move so this will make isolation tricker, and could cause their lash pads to move. Of course we want to be friendly with our clients, and who doesn’t love a lashing catch up? But during your lash application I would recommend offering a collagen lip mask to your clients, not only does this prevent them from chatting but they will leave with super soft lips, and you can make some extra money from selling these without using up additional time.

3. Good quality products

Yes good quality products is a game changer to lash techs. Having precise tweezers can speed up your application time by miles, a good isolation tweezer and an application tweezer with a great grip are a must have! Our tweezers are amazing quality and lash techs are still using the same tweezer a year later! Check out of blog to see which tweezers would be best for you.

Using the correct products and glue for you is important. Priming lashes gives a good base for the lash extensions to stick to, and a super bonder will make the glue cure to the natural lash instantly. So knowing which products to use and which are best for you can really help speed up the lash application process.

4. Clean lashes

Encouraging your client to come to their lash appointments with clean lashes is a must. If a client comes to their appointment with makeup stuck in their lashes this can use up so much time removing this and preparing them for lash application. Providing lash baths for clients to buy is a great way to help keep their lashes clean and also can earn you some extra income! All of our products are available for bulk/wholesale discounts, if you are wanting to purchase lash baths in bulk let us know and we can make sure you get a good discount!

5. Easy or Pre/Promade fans

Easy fans are a great way to get some extra help with fanning, they have a small bit of adhesive on the base to help them stick together super easily. This can help if you are struggling to make fans or if you are just wanting to make fans quicker and more easily.

Pre or Promade fans are fans that are already made for you, these can speed up your lash times massively as every lash fan is going to be perfect and there ready to be used. These fans are great as they have a small base with minimum adhesive, so look no different to if you were to hand make your fans.