Lash retention is one of the most talked about topics for lash techs, and unsurprisingly so, as we all want our clients’ lashes to look as fab as possible for as long as possible. Everyone’s lash growth cycles will differ, and can change with the seasons and our hormones, meaning lash retention times differ for each client. But there are ways to enhance natural lash retention, and that’s why we’re here to share our top 5 tips!

1.Make sure your adhesive is fresh

As soon as you open a bottle of lash adhesive, it begins to lose its strength. We recommend changing your adhesive at least once every six weeks, if not once a month, to maximise its holding power. Our Bishh Bond and Maxi Bond adhesives can provide between 6 to 8 weeks of retention, along with the right lash care. 

2.Store your adhesive correctly

Even if you’re using a fresh bottle of adhesive, the temperature and humidity it is stored at will effect the strength of your lash adhesive. Our adhesives work best at 21-22℃, with a humidity of 45%-65%. A big no-no is storing opened bottles of lash adhesive in the fridge, as condensation builds up on the inside of the bottle from the drastic changes in temperature every time you take your adhesive out to use, making it less effective.

3.Clean lashes

Preparation is key! This one might seem like a no-brainer, but how clean your clients lashes are upon application has a huge impact on retention. Makeup and skincare products can cause a build up of oils, so we swear by our Eyelash Bubble Bath Cleanser pre-treatment and for aftercare too. What many clients don’t realise is just how important it is to keep the lashes clean between appointments to maximise retention, so daily cleansing is a must!

4.Use a bonder and sealant

Taking the time to add a few extra steps and products into your treatment can make all the difference to your clients’ lash retention. Our Ultimate Retention package contains our Super Bond, adhesive of your choice, and Eyelash Extension Sealant – everything you need to create a set of stunning, long-lasting lashes. 

5.High quality products 

Lash retention is ultimately what will keep clients coming back time and time again, so using the best products in the business is a guaranteed route to becoming a successful lash tech with a loyal client base. At Allure, we only sell the highest quality products that we’ve tried and tested on our clients for years, so you and your clients are guaranteed to love them too. 

Happy Lashing!  xx